czwartek, 2020-06-04 Christy, Helgi, Karola

Tomasz Tasiemski "I really believe that if you want, you can"

It is widely believed that a person who suffered from a spinal cord injury and uses a wheelchair is not able to fulfill requirements of many employees. The reality is that disabled persons can do amazingly well, even in places where physical fitness and above-average ability seems to be one of crucial points.

Tomasz Tasiemski is a lecturer at the Poznań University of Physical Education. In his students' opinion he is an outstanding lecturer. Apart from his professional activities he is passionate about spreading knowledge on active rehabilitation (he is the author of numerous publications on this topic); sport and travelling. His passions are contagious – and he successfully transfers them to people around. Tomasz Tasiemski's scientific and social activities gained him many prizes both in Poland and abroad, giving splendor to his university. His disability was not an obstacle, for, as he puts it "I really believe that if you want, you can."